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...you see, most people erroneously believe that to pass their road test, they have to become great drivers.

Don't get me wrong, you do have to know how to drive but to pass your road test in NY, you have to convince the NYS DMV road test inspector that you are a safe, courteous, defensive driver.

Ready to become that safe, courteous, defensive driver the NYS DMV road test inspector is more than happy to reward with a driver's license?

Click the green button below to get started with the 5 hour class, your very first step on your journey. If you already posses a 5 hour class certificate, click the blue button.

In either case, you will be provided with the training and guidance you will require to become that safe, courteous, defensive driver the New York State DMV inspector is more than happy to reward with a driver's license.

Upon the completion of either class, your will be rewarded with a 50% discount off your EVALUATION lesson. This lesson gives us an opportunity for us to see how you drive so we customize a plan to help you pass.

So if you have been frantically searching Google using the keywords: "Driving School Near Me or Driving Lessons Near Me," stop. Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn can help you pass and we come to you if you are in our target area.

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Ashely Dubose

Instructor Thorne was THE BEST. I went to another driving school before this and I didn’t receive as much knowledge as I received from this driving school. He took his time with us and made sure we left feeling confident leaving that course. I would recommend EVERYBODY IN BROOKLYN TO TAKE THIS DRIVING SCHOOL. They definitely invested into your driving and I appreciate that . Thank you for everything.

Lisa Bellamy

I recently completed the 5 hour driving course with Fuzion Driving School and was immensely impressed with how thorough the instructor was. You could tell that he’s very passionate about road safety and the coursework in general. He was very informative and does a phenomenal job of ensuring that everyone is engaged and actively participating so that the class isn’t boring. I absolutely loved the fact that he did many of the road drawings during the course as they really helped me to better understand and visualize certain scenarios in a way that I may not have been able to without the drawings. In addition, he was very personable and warm and was able to incorporate humor into the course. I would definitely say 10/10 when it comes to customer service and the knowledge obtained in the course.

Sade Prince

I’ve only taking the 5hr class and had the pleasure of learning with Mr C….who really gives a warm and paternal type of energy, although at times the information seemed overwhelming, he made it a point to break things down to make sure you were able to fully understand the information being presented….So thank you Mr. C for what you’ve done and you’re encouragement…can’t wait to start the driving lessons!!!!

At Fuzion Driving School In Brooklyn we help you shortcut the journey, become a safe driver and pass your road test on your very first try so you don't spend too much time and/or money in the process!

Want to pass your road test in NY?

Our easy to follow 4 steps (5ETC) method will have you driving in 2 to 3 weeks or less without spending too much money

At Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn, we focus on teaching you how to be a safe driver with our 4 step (5ETC) method.

So If:

  • Reducing the learning curve

  • Passing your road test on your very first or next try

  • Spending less money on driving lessons

    is important to you? Call us to get started on the journey towards getting your Driver's License.

Why Suffer Another Year Without Your Driver's License?
We At Fuzion Driving School Are Ready To Help

Get Your Driver's License In New York!

  • Are you sick and tired of waiting in the sweltering heat of a summer's sun or winter's freezing winds on a bus or train that's taking forever to get there?

  • Have you had it with rushing out your house in the wee hours of morning for fear of missing the bus or train to work?

  • Tired of feeling inadequate when you are the only one showing up in an uber while your friends have their own cars?

  • Sick and tired of asking friends and relatives to take you shopping or to the laundry?

We Can Help You Pass Your Road Test...

...and get your New York driver's license. I understand what you have to put up with by not having a driver's license.

You see, way back in the 70's when I did not know how to drive. I had the misfortune of having to wait in subzero degrees temperature on a bus that took forever.

My toes were frost bitten when I reached home. I will never forget how helpless I felt waiting for a bus to rescue me. After that experience, I made a decision to never wait on public transportation again.

And this was one of the reasons why we started Fuzion Driving School in 2007. We wanted a business that could serve the community help individuals like you get their driver's license in the least amount of time possible and without having to spend too much money.

The other reason why we started Fuzion Driving School was to create safe drivers. You see, my friends, family and I have to safe these streets with you.

And, to help you accomplish your goal in the least amount of time and with the least amount of money spent, our 4 step 5HEC system was created.

Our 4 Step 5HETC System Is Formulated To Help You

Overcome Nervousness,
Anxiety And Fear

Build Strength, Courage And Confidence

So You Can Pass Your Road Test On
Your Very First or Next Try

Without Spending Too Much
Money Doing So

Why Choose Fuzion Driving School?

Faithfully Serving The Community Since 2007

In business since 2007, faithfully helping community members obtain become safe drivers who are able to pass their road test.

Door To Door Service

Within our service area. If you are outside of our service area, we provide convenient pick up locations close to you

Simply check the service area below for the locations close to where you live.

Full Service Driving School

Every thing you need to pass your road test in NY and get your driver's license
Permit prep classes, driving lessons, car for road test and the 5 hour class.
We can also schedule your road test as well.

Competitive Pricing

Moderately price to serve the community members we provide service to.

The 5HETC System For Passing Your Road Test

This system was developed by Mr. Thorne who has been successfully helping New Yorkers obtain their driver's license since 1983.

Like every strong building needs a strong foundation, you too will need a strong foundation if you want to become a confident, safe driver who can pass his/her road test on the very first or next try.

Our 5 hour class lays the foundation. In this class, you will learn - in a friendly, stress free environment - what it takes to become a safe, courteous, defensive driver. If you have already taken a 5 hour class, click here to take our Pass Your Road Test In NY Class.

The second step in the system is to take an evaluation lesson. We recommend you take advantage of the coupon you will receive when you attend the Five Hour Class or the Pass Your Road Test In NY Class to get a discount off your evaluation lesson.

Based on your performance during your evaluation class, a customized lesson plan is created just for you to enhance your strong areas and strengthen your weak areas. This is the third step in the system.

During this process, you will be working diligently with your in car instructor to help you gain the skills you need to safely operate a motor vehicle in New York.

You will also be assigned an online coach that you will meet two times per month for question and answer sessions. It's important that you attend these sessions. You will be able to ask your most pressing questions during these sessions.

After your in car training is completed, you will be given an in car practice road test to see if you are road test ready. If you are road test ready, we will advice you to sign up for your road test. If you disagree with us, we will follow your lead.

If you are not road test ready, we will recommend you take more lessons. If you disagree with us, we will follow your wishes.

One Instructor

Unless you ask for a different instructor, you will have one instructor from beginning to end so you don't become
confused with too many different methods.

Testimonials From Our Students

Amayah Hutchinson

I learned a lot from the 5-hour class. Mr. Colin is great instructor who’s patient and clearly passionate about his work. I feel much more confident about being on the road and nyc streets seem much less intimidating.

Shenelle Jones

I truly enjoyed my recent 5-hour class with Fuzion driving school. The class was very informative and interactive. Each and every participants were asked some questions base on what was taught to ensure that we understand the information being told and presented upon us. The teacher approach with making a few jokes made it easier to stay attentive the entire time. I was able to get each and every question answered and the class was finish in no time. Highly recommend booking 5-hour class with Fuzion as well as their lessons. You wont regret it!

Christian Bright

Thank you to fuzion driving school thanks for my instructor for explaining everything I went 2 time and falled I went back with fuzion driving school and passed on my first try

Why Fuzion Driving School Is A Good Fit For You!

If you can say yes to the following statements, we can help you pass your road test and get your driver’s license in New York.

  • You are serious about learning how to drive.

  • You are ready to make an investment of time and money so you can learn how to drive.

  • If you become our student, you will follow the advice of your instructor and not that of friends and relatives.

However, you are probably not ready yet if…

  • ... you believe that friends and relatives can do just as good as a professionally trained driving instructor

  • ... you are not ready to make an investment of time and money so you can learn.

  • ... you are not serious about learning how to drive.

More Reasons Why We Are Your Best Choice

  • Evaluation Driving Lesson. Helps us to create a customize plan just for you so you learn faster and without wasting money on driving lessons.

  • Customized plan: so you can reduce the learning curve and reach your goal of becoming a license driver a lot sooner.

  • Practice Road Test. This builds confidence and greatly reduces poor test taker's syndrome so you can pass your road test and get your driver's license

  • We do not piggyback so you have more time to practice your weak areas rather than spend your time dropping off students.

  • An exciting 5 hour class: so you don't fall asleep and will actually learn how to become a safe driver and pass your road test on your very first or next try.

  • No student left behind.: Sometimes students fail. Most students are devastated and some give up. At Fuzion, we will not let you quit. Your assigned staff member will reach out to you to get you back on the horse. You see, we know from years of experience (40 plus) that those who quit - unless they are encouraged to try again - usually stay away for years. And, consequently. have to start all over again.

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One (1) one hour driving lesson

Locations We Serve By Zip Codes

11203, 11212, 11225, 11226, 11236, 11210, 11213 , 11216, 11238, 11217, 11234

Give us a call at 718-485-5300 if your location is not listed.

Stop Searching Google Using The Search Terms: Driving School
Near Me And Driving Lesson Near Me. We Come To You...

Fuzion Driving School provide door to door service if you live within our target area. Call the office for information regarding our target area. If you live outside of our target area, we pick up at designated pick-up zones close to public transportation

Areas served: Canarsie, Bergen Beach, Marine Park, Mill Basin

Areas served: Bedford Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, East Flatbush and Flatbush

Areas served: Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Park Slope and Windsor Terrace.

Areas served: Bushwick, and Williamsburg.

Areas served: Fountain Ave

Areas served: Brooklyn Navy Yard, Cadman Plaza, Clinton Hill, Downtown Brooklyn,

Directions To Fuzion Driving School

Directions By Bus

The following buses can get you to us: B46, B44, B17, B35.

The B46 bus travels on Utica Ave in a North to South direction.

You can take the B46 to Church Ave and Utica Ave and walk east for 3 blocks.

The B44 travels North to South on New York Ave.

It also travels North to South on Nostrand Ave.

Take the B44 to Nostrand and Church or New York and Church Aves.

In either case, transfer to the B35 going east and exit at Church Ave and E55 st.

Walk to Church Ave between E53 and E54 streets.

The B17 travels North to South on Remsen Ave.

Take the B17 bus to Remsen and Church Ave.

You can walk or take the B35 bus to Church ave and E55 street.

The B35 bus travels East to West on Church Ave and is the connecting bus.

We are located at 5317 Church Ave between E53 and E54 streets.

We are directly above the supermarket.

Directions By Train

The following trains can get you to us A, C, B, Q, #2, #3, #4, #5.

Take the A or C trains to Nostrand and Fulton.

Exit and take the B44 bus south to Church Ave.

Transfer to the B35 bus east.
Exit at Church ave and E55 street.

Take the B or Q train to Church Ave and E18 street.

Exit and take the B35 going east to Church Ave and E55 street.

Walk to 5317 Church Ave between E53 and e 54 street.

Take the #3 or #4 to Utica and Eastern Parkway.

Exit and transfer to the B46 going south to Church Ave.

Walk 3 blocks to 5317 Church Ave between E53 and E54 streets above the supermarket.

Take the #2 train to Church Ave and Nostrand.

Transfer to the B35 bus.
Exit at Church and E55.

Walk to 5317 Church Ave. between E53
and E54.

Directions By Car

To reach us by car, simply click on the directions link located on the google maps above.

You will be directed to a page where you will be able to enter your current location.

You will then be provided with driving directions to us.

About Us

At Fuzion Driving School we firmly believe that any goal, even the most difficult, is attainable
with the right person helping you

Oftentimes we find ourselves in situations where a bit of advice here and some encouragement there, can make a world of difference when you really need it.
At Fuzion Driving School, we take meticulous care to connect you with the team that best suits your need from driving instructor to staff.

This teams remains with you from beginning of your journey with us until you pass your road test or request changes.

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