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Brooklyn - Driving Lesson

With Road Test Package

One (1) - forty-five (45) minutes driving lessons with car for road test- $180

Two (2) - forty-five (45) Minutes
driving lessons - $226

Four (4) - forty-five (45) minutes

driving lessons - $324

Eight (8) forty-five(45) minutes

driving lesson - $522

Twelve (12) forty-five (45) minutes
driving lessons - $721

Looking To Select The Proper Driving Lessons With
Car For Road Test In Brooklyn Package?

Students usually ask me for recommendations on how many lessons to select in a package. This is a very difficult question to answer especially if you have never seen the student drive.

I always recommend that the student should take one lesson so we can see how he/she drives. Want a discount on this evaluation lesson? Click here to take our online 5 hour class.

Or click here to take our Pass Your Road Test In NY Masterclass and get a discount off your evaluation lesson.

However if the student does not want to go that route and they are a beginning student, I would recommend they start out with our 8 or 12 lessons package.