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Driving Lesson In Brooklyn Packages

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You don't have to come to our office - unless you so desire - all Driving Lessons In Brooklyn Packages include a pick up from a convenient location close to you by public transportation. Click here to view our pick up locations in Brooklyn.

Desired to be picked up from your home instead. Call the office at 718-485-5300 and speak to a staff member.

Two (2) - forty-five (45) minutes

driving lessons - $100

Four (4) - forty-five (45) Minutes
driving lessons - $194

Eight (8) - forty-five (45) minutes

driving lessons - $394

Twelve (12) Forty Five (45) minutes

driving lesson - $591

One (1) forty-five (45) minutes

driving lesson - $55

One (1) hour (60) minutes

driving lesson - $65

One (1) Thirty (30) minutes

driving lesson - $40 (Please note - student must meet at the office for this lesson)

How To Choose The Proper Package?

Students usually ask me for recommendations on how many lessons to select in a package. This is a very difficult question to answer especially if you have never seen the student drive.

I always recommend that the student should take one lesson so we can see how he/she drives. Want a discount on this evaluation lesson? Click here to take our online 5 hour class.

Or click here to take our Pass Your Road Test In NY Masterclass and get a discount off your evaluation lesson.

However if the student does not want to go that route and they are a beginning student, I would recommend they start out with our 8 or 12 lessons package.