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  • We are approved by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Meets pre-licensing course requirement for all road tests in New York

  • Knowledgeable instructor so you get all your questions answered

  • Fun, interactive, online class guaranteed not to put you asleep

  • Certificate can be mailed or picked up by family member

  • For serious student drivers looking to pass

  • No Final Exam so no stress, no worries

What Our Students Said About Us!

Vanetta Marques said:

Mr C was really good i must say he had patience an he went true everything fine fine it was also fun for me he deserved 5 star i will recommend anyone to him thank you so much Mr C the best instructor

Maleesa Marques said:

Mr C the instructor at fuziondriving school was excellent he teaches his lesson clearly an also ask question so u can understand the rules. It was also fun I will recommend ppl to this driving school

Watch-_-YourHead said:

Mr. C is a good teacher and humorous too during his presentation and class. Taught good things and the best way to be safe and prevent things that can get you to fail the actual road test.

Lisa Bellamy said:

I recently completed the 5 hour driving course with Fuzion Driving School and was immensely impressed with how thorough the instructor was.

You could tell that he’s very passionate about road safety and the coursework in general. He was very informative and does a phenomenal job of ensuring that everyone is engaged and actively participating so that the class isn’t boring. I absolutely loved the fact that he did many of the road drawings during the course as they really helped me to better understand and visualize certain scenarios in a way that I may not have been able to without the drawings. In addition, he was very personable and warm and was able to incorporate humor into the course. I would definitely say 10/10 when it comes to customer service and the knowledge obtained in the course.

Joshua Kirton said:

This is my 2nd time taking this course, however it still required me to be engaged and active within the course.

However even though it was my 2nd time, I wasn’t bored especially due to my instructor Mr. C who encouraged us to form our own answers whether they were incorrect or correct, and showed us the correct answer after with no discouragement, which really makes the difference for most first time class members.

Mr. C also did a very great job of making this class enjoyable and relatable for each member of the class,

I highly recommend looking for him to be in charge of your class, you will not regret it in the slightest.

Yusuf Clarke said:

It was a pleasure to be a student at Fuzion. The general staff are accessible, communicable, and responsive. Mr. Colin offers an enjoyable 5-hour class, which means a lot when you are sitting in front of your computer on a Saturday.

Of course, that means little if you don't have a good instructor. I was blessed to have Mr. Quashley, a laid-back instructor who was patient with me and my mistakes. His style is very conducive to improvement since he isn't overwhelming you with information, but provides it brick by brick, stacking on top of what you have proven to understand. It also helps that he wants the lessons to be fun so you can just relax.

Oh, right--this would mean nothing if I couldn't say that I passed. Well, I did! So, I highly recommend Fuzion and Mr. Quashley to anyone who needs to get their driving on!

Your Very First Step In Passing Your Road Test

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Most student drivers believe that you have to be a great driver to pass your road test in New York. This is actually not true because sometimes great drivers can fail their road test.

Case in point: I once had a student who was a great driver. She even had her own vehicle and was driving around Brooklyn on her learner's permit.

She had learned how to drive from friends and relatives because she thought that driving schools were a total waste of money. But, despite knowing how to drive, no matter how hard and how many times she took the road test, the results were always the same: failure.

It was after her fourth failure that finally caved in and sought the help of a driving school. You see, her friends and relatives taught her how to drive but they did not teach her how to drive safely.

This became evident to me during her evaluation lesson. Since she already knew how to drive, I gave her a practice road test to find out why she was failing. She failed my road test as well. Her turns were too short and some were too wide.

She stopped too close to the pedestrian crosswalk. Sometimes she failed to signal when switching lanes and her observational skills were horrendous. Many times she forgot to check the blind spot when switching lanes.

During the parallel parking, she relied solely on her mirrors and failed to look behind her when backing up. Each time she made these mistakes her point total increased. At the end of her road test, she had accumulated more that 30 points and failed.

I pointed out her errors and informed her that she had failed because she got more that 30 points.

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What Is The 5 Hour Class And Who Should Take It?

The hour class is a mandatory class. Anyone who is looking to obtain a driver's license in New York State must take the 5 hour class. It consists of 3 hours of lecture presentation, one hour of video presentation and one hour for breaks.

At Fuzion Driving School, we skip the breaks and reduce the time from 5 to 4 hours. Our 5 hour class is also live. That is you have a real, live person teaching the class even though it's online.

Our 5 hour class is never pre-recorded. This is to your advantage because you get an opportunity to asks your most pressing questions.

Our 5 hour class is interactive so you won't get bored and fall asleep. The instructor engages everyone in the online classroom to ensure that you understand what's being the subject matter.

At the end of our 5 hour class, you will receive a 5 hour class also known as a 5 hour class pre-licensing certificate. Since we do not hold your certificate, you will be informed when you can come to collect it from our office.

If you are not able to make it into the office to collect your 5 hour class certificate, you have two options.

Option #1. You can have a friend or relative collect it on your behalf. To do so, simply send us an email with a copy of your permit attached. In the body of the email tell us the name of the person collecting your certificate.

Inform the person collecting your 5 hour class certificate, that they will have to sign to collect it and that they must present a government issued id.

Option#2: We can mail it to you. Send us an email with the address where we have to mail your 5 hour class certificate to. Make sure that you provide the correct information.

The cost to send it to you first class mail registered is $22. Click here to pay. Overnight delivery is $35. Click here to pay.

Please note: If someone paid for you, that person must visit the office to sign that they paid for you.

Please note that in both cases you will have to call us to notify us of your choice. Also please note that in both cases we are not responsible if you do not receive the certificate.

In either case we will have proof that it was delivered to the person who picked it up or we mailed it if that was your choice. To replace it, you will have to pay for it again.