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Car For Driving Test In Brooklyn

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Why Rent A Car From A Driving School?

Should you rent a car from a driving school near you? Yes you should and here's why:

Reason #1: Contrary to popular beliefs the New York State DMV do not provide you with cars for your road test. You have to bring your own car.

You can ask a friend or relative to take you there. You are not allowed to drive yourself to the road test site. The car has to be properly insured, registered and in safe working order.

Or you can rent one from a driving school near you. This is your best option because when you rent a car from a driving school near you, it is set aside for you.

Oftentimes a friend or relative might have a last minute errand that they have to do, leaving you stranded on the day of your road test.

Don't Want To Get Stranded On Your Road Test Date?

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What Cars Do We Use For The Road Test ?

Our cars for the driving test are usually Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla. They are insured, registered and inspected for safety. They come with a dual brake and mirror for the driving inspector so they feel safe and comfortable.

If you make the driving inspector feel safe and comfortable during your road test, you are more likely to pass your road test. If you make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable, you are more likely to fail your road test.

Each car for driving test, comes with a licensed driver who will take you from our office to the road test site and return you to our office after your road test.

Kindly get to the office at the time you were informed to get there by our staff. We have to be on the road test line 30 minutes before your actual road test appointment time.

If you are late, we may have to leave you behind and you will have to meet us at the road test site. Should you miss your appointment because of lateness, you will lose the fee you paid to rent the car even if you did not get to do a road test.

What Should You Bring With You?

It is your responsibility to have all your needed documents and that these documents are in good order.

You will need a valid learner's permit, a valid 5 hour class and glasses, contact lenses or valid letter from an eye doctor stipulating that you need none of those things only if it's indicated on your learner's permit that you need glasses or contact lenses.

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